At Active Photographic we can do more than just the normal traditional images. Take a look at what we can do for you.



All individual images can be photographed for your school systems such as SIMS.

Parents have a choice of at least three images and can order the photos within 48 hours of the photography session. All prints are delivered directly to the parents, so there is no waiting involved.

As well as having the traditional individual portraits, we also offer sibling and family portraits.



Traditional Class and Sport team Groups

A great way to remember all the class and team.  

These images come with a choice of including all pupils names at the bottom of the image to add to that special memory.



Need a little more fun than the traditional photos? No problem! With these seperated images, we compile them to make one long print of the whole class. 


Add as many or as little props as you want!



It doesn't stop there!

We also cater for proms, christmas events, brochures, ceremonies, family days, leavers books, staff images, staff boards, and more. Simply ask us about our other products.