About Us

Active Photographic Ltd was founded in 2016. Our owner and director, Olivia Robinson, has a 1st Class Masters in Photography and has worked in the school photography industry since 2013.

The small business, which started in Olivia's bedroom, soon evolved to a medium sized business. Active Photographic Ltd now provides professional photography for over 200 schools across the UK. The company has achieved this by investing in our own cutting edge technology software, developed our own in-house training for all staff members, and create everything on site with no use of third party suppliers.

We aren't stopping there! With a thriving team committed to innovation and growth, we are constantly seeking to improve our procedures, standards and service. This is just one of the reasons why schools trust us as their chosen school photography suppliers.

We are able to photograph a minimum of 3 photographs of each pupil that really captures them, and print out a unique order form for them to take home in a matter of seconds. All orders are delivered directly to parents' home addresses, which creates zero admin for the school.

All of our photographers are of the highest standard, trained and monitored by Olivia, and are all enhance DBS checked. We ensure that quality and safety is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We are fully GDPR compliant, and take the responsibility of working with the public sector and children's imagery seriously.

Our belief is that all parents should be able to have a quality photo of their child delivered to their door for less than £10. We have honoured this since we begun and continue to do so.

Thank you for reading about us.

Active Photographic Ltd