Parents' FAQs


 Q. How do I order?

A. Enter your unique code in our order section. This will then link you to our printers where you can see all our different packs, products, and prices. If you do not want to order online, we can help you through the payment over the phone by calling 01636 370 550.

Please wait up to 48 hours for your images to be viewable online.

Q. I need to be shown how to order

A. Follow this link here:

Q. I Have lost my child's order form, how do I make an order?

A. Please call us on 01636 370 550. We will ask you a variety of questions to ensure you are the child's parent before giving this information out. 

Q. When will I receive my order?

A. We aim to dispatched to you within five working days, which is then delivered second class by Royal Mail. Please note that this timeline may increase to up to 28 working days in peak seasons or issues out of our control. 

Q. I have not received my order. What do I do?

A. Please call or email our office and a member of our customer care team will be happy to help.

Q. My order has arrived and it is damaged, or I am not happy with it. How do I resolve this?

A. Please call or email our office and a member of our customer care team will be happy to help.

Q. Can I leave a comment to make a slight change to my order?

A. Yes, please let us know any size changes or amendments to your order in the comments box at the checkout page.

Q. Are the prints in inches or centimetres?

A. Our prints are in inches. We offer both 8x6 and 7x5 ratios. If you want to change the ratio of your pack, please write this in the comments box at the check out page. 

Q. Has the early bird individuals discount already been applied?

A. No. Once you have chosen your products, you will be able to enter your schools code. The end date for this will be on your order form. If paying via phone, please quote this code to a member of our staff.

*Please note, no discount codes are supplied for group images, and are for selected schools only. This code is different for every school. 

Q. The images on my order form and online show a white border around them - do the images come with this?

A. No. The images online and on the order form are examples only. However, if you would like the white border, just let us know to leave a comment in the customer box at the checkout.

Q. How long do you keep the images for?

A. We hold the images online for up to a year. If you have images from before this, please simply call us and we will go through our past records.

Q. Can my children have a photo taken together?

A. In most cases, yes. It is dependent on the school if they choose to have siblings or family shots on the day or not.

Q. Why is there not a mount option for 10x8 or 12x8?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer mount options for these sizes due to postage. These items would class as a small parcel an would mean an increase in postage costs. As we strive to reduce our costs as a business and to the customer, we do not offer this product.

Q. Do you offer a digital download for group photos?

A. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a digital download for group photographs.

Q. Are the images of my child online safe?

A. Yes! We actively ensure all data protection laws are kept up to date. There are no links to the child as to who they are on the order form. The order forms carry a unique number and password which will only identify that child.