Health & Safety Policy

Active Photographic
Health & Safety Policy


Active Photographic Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. It is our ambition to be an incident free organisation. 

To achieve this Active Photographic Ltd shall;

  • Apply a systematic and integrated approach to Health and Safety and integrate Health and Safety into all we do.
  • Comply as a minimum with applicable Health and Safety legislation, together with relevant client requirements.
  • Ensure Health and Safety is given equal status with all other primary business objectives
  • Ensure that all identified risks and hazards are reduced to a level that is as low as reasonable practicable by planning, organising and assessing activities.
  • Set objectives and targets for promoting successful Health and Safety management.
  • Monitor and regularly review Health and Safety performance to drive continuing improvement
  • Respond effectively to all incident; report and investigate fully the causes of all incidents/near misses and share the lessons learned to aid with the prevention of similar events occurring.
  • Ensure that employees are trained and competent to carry out their work and provided with the correct level of information, instruction and supervision.


Our goals are simply stated:


Each individual has the right to return home safely each day.




  • The Managing Director is accountable to the board of directors for ensuring this policy is implemented.
  • Management at all organisational levels is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Policy through the provision and availability of the necessary resources.
  • All Active Photographic Ltd employees and sub-contractors have an individual responsibility to ensure that they and their colleagues co-operate with all Health and Safety provisions to achieve our Health and Safety objectives.

This statement applies to all Active Photographic locations and processes and will be communicated to all stakeholders.



Olivia Robinson

Managing Director